Project Launch 25th of November German Legacies in Cairo / Deutsche Bau+Kultur in Kairo

The project aims at mapping German legacies in the centre of Cairo, making visible the presence of the German community in the city.
Which are the buildings built by German architects? Where are / were German enterprises or shops? Is there any story related to the German community living in the metropolis?
The project was launched in Cairo on the 26th of November. baladilab is now working on the outcomes of the conference and workshop.
The buildings, open spaces and stories related to the German community will be discussed and analysed, and finally published in form of postcards, a flyer, and an interactive tour.project-launch_germanlegacies

26th of November 2016

Warming up
9.15-9.30         Barbara Pampe, Vittoria Capresi
Miscellanea of Ideas and Buildings

State of the Art / on-going Projects
9.30-9.50         Sabina Läderach, Sandra Gysi
Economic and Cultural Affairs, Embassy of Switzerland
Mapping Swiss Legacies in Cairo 

9.50-10.10       Ahmed Bindari
Historian and Photographer of Egypt's Modern Architecture
A Walk Through the Streets of Downtown Cairo

10.10-10.30     Mohamed Gohar
Architect & Researcher, Founder of "Description of Alexandria"
Documentation as a tool for safeguarding the Alexandrian tangible and 
intangible cultural heritage

10.30-10.50     Questions & Wrap-up

German Architects / Archaeologists / Engineers in Cairo
10.50-11.10     Tarek Ibrahim
Research fellow for Neil MacGregor at the Humboldt Forum, Berlin
Johann Adam Rennebaum and the Architecture of Shepheard's Hotel in Cairo

11.10-11.30     Dina Bakhoum
PhD candidate, Université Paris 1-Panthéon Sorbonne 
The contributions of Julius Franz to the 
Comité de conservation des monuments de l’art arabe 

11.30-11.50     Martin Sählhof
Lecturer of History of Architecture, German University in Cairo – GUC
Design, Prefabrication and Building Culture in the Age of Industrialisation 
and Early Globalisation. The Work of Carl von Diebitsch in Cairo

11.50-12.10     Shaimaa Ashour
Assistant Professor at Arab Academy for Science, 
Technology & Maritime Transport - AASTMT
The Swiss Schools of Architecture: the case of Sayed Karim

12.10-12.30     Wolfgang Mayer
Architect and Restaurateur
German Engineers 

12.30-12.50     Questions & Wrap-up

With “German eyes and words”
13.40-14.00     Moritz Mihatsch
British University in Egypt - BUE
Diaries and other memories on Cairo

German Institutions in the Past and Today
14.00-14.20     Isolde Lehnert
German Archaeological Institute - DAI, Cairo
The story of the German Community in Cairo

14.20-14.40     Georg Leber
School director of the Deutsche Schule der Borromäerinnen, Cairo
Die Deutsche Schule der Borromäerinnen in Kairo. 
114 Jahre Bildung und Erziehung für junge Ägypterinnen

14.40-15.00     Simon Brombeiss
Head, Cultural and Educational Section, German Embassy in Cairo
The story of the German Embassy in Cairo 

15.00-15.20     Thomas Löffler
Associate Professor in Building Technology, GUC
The German Embassy on Zamalek, past, present and future

15.20-15.30     Questions & Wrap-up

Working sessions
15.30-16.30     Working Session n.1: What should we produce?
16.30-17.30     Working Session n.2: Attempt of a first list
Which are the Names (Actors) / Buildings / Stories / Urban Settings 
we should include?
17.30-18.00                 Conclusions and future visions


If you are researching on /or know something about:
– German architects active in Cairo (in the past until today)
– German travelers writing about Cairo
– Buildings used by German institutions (in the past until today)
– German personalities (singers, actors, politicians, etc.) living in the city
– Enterprises or shops related to the German community
– … etc.

Please contact us!

The project is supported by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany – Cairo
Thanks to the Goethe-Institut Kairo

© baladilab 2016


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