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“Learn-Move-Play-Ground. Improving courtyards of public primary schools in Cairo” is a format for summer schools initiated and organised by Barbara Pampe and Vittoria Capresi in cooperation with several local and German partners. LMPG aims at improving the courtyards of public primary schools (prototyping in Cairo and expanding to the world), through the participation of children, teachers and stakeholders.
During an intensive hands-on workshop, students work together with the children, schools teachers and the team, to find out how to translate the dreams of the children in playing elements. Using bricks, concrete, wood and colors we create different spaces to play, move and learn.

LMPG 1 was in cooperation with Susanne Hofmann and the Baupiloten (TU Berlin) and Omar Nagati (CLUSTER Cairo); and took place in El Kods school in Ard el Lewa and Kobbet el Hewa school in Shubra, Cairo.
LMPG 2 was in cooperation with Thomas Coelen (University of Siegen, faculty of Educational Science), Megawra and UNHCR; and took place in the Asmaa Bint Bakr School in New Cairo and in the Shagarat Al Durr School in Islamic Cairo.
LMPG 3 is fully financed by and in cooperation with UNHCR in the Al Sayeda Hadiga school in the area of Ain Shams, Cairo.
LMPG 4 was organised in Vilnius, Lithuania, in cooperation with the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, in the Virsme Gymnasium in Vilnius.

short film LMPG1:
short film LMPG2: