Winterschool Designbuild Studio: Learn-Move-Play-Ground2 is over! here some pics&video

The project was initialised and organised by the GUC, Architecture and Urban Design Program / baladilab in cooperation with the University of Siegen and UNHCR.
The project was fully financed by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the DAAD – German Academic Exchange Service. The Winter School aimed at improving the courtyards of two schools in Cairo, Asmaa Bint Bakr School in New Cairo and in the Shagarat Al Durr School in Islamic Cairo.
For 12 days, 36 students from Egypt and Germany worked together with the children, teachers of the schools and the team, to find out how to translate the dreams of the children in playing elements.
workshop2 workshop1 design feebackwooden galaxy wooden galaxy with kids wood greenUntitled-1 pink    digging holes bodenBRICKS BLUE blue preparation bricks round
green slopes ibntulun
Special thanks to:
the grandiose Team: Nils Ruf (architect, die Baupiloten) & Urs Walter (architect, TU Berlin / die Baupiloten)
our Assistants: Carla Schwarz, Ibrahim Samy, Tamer Aly and Aliaa Maged
the Students: Karoline-Sophie Hüttner, Mathilde Leibfried, Sophie Goethe, Siegmund Graup, Anne-Marie Heydeck, Heinrich Bernd Altenmüller, Jens Andrè Schulze, Paulina Radaczewska, Janina Duus, Miriam Lang, Marius Küpper, Alexander von Lenthe, Karim El Kordy, Omar Kassab, Mohamed el-Kurdi, Ammar Kasber Yasser, Sharif El-Komi, Omar Diab, Marwa Adel, Reem Ashraf Elattar, Martina Abu Alam, Maha Zakaria Mansy, Injy Hassan Hilal, Sundus Sherif Meguied, Karim Ezzat, Ibrahim Hany, Rana El Rashidy, Mina Arsanious, Mona Mostafa Amin, Khalid Mohamed Ghaith, Hesham Mohamed Gamal, Amir Eid, Ibrahim Kamal Moussa, Aly Magdy, Muhammad Nabih, Alia Aboulgheit
with the support of: the Ministry of Higher Education, Megawra, Selmiyha, Save the Childrenand a big thanks to all the children, teachers and motivated directors who made this project possible!

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