Learn-Move-Play-Ground 3

The project aims at improving the quality of the outdoor spaces of the school, and in doing so, addresses all the children of the school. The design of the new playing landscape will be developed by baladilab integrating architecture students in all steps through a participatory process with the children (Syrians and Egyptians) and the teachers, so to include their wishes in the project. The children and teachers will also participate to the building phase of the playground. Being directly involved in the design and building of the playing landscape will foster the sustainability of the playing elements.

Parallel to the implementation phase, Selmiyha will coach the three workshops, focus on increasing acceptance and intercultural exchange by involving Syrians and Egyptians children in different activities (painting, discovering a new land by an imaginary travel, acting). These workshops will integrate the newly created playing landscape.

Learn-Move-Play-Ground 3 is in cooperation with Selmiyha and fully financed by UNHCR.


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workshop with the children

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design of the students


Presentation to the children




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