Design Studio in Downtown Cairo

Cairo: Let’s talk about Heritage!

baladilab at the Vienna University of Technology, for the design studio:
Confrontation! Design in historical context.

entwurf TUV-Cairo

in Cooperation with the Cairo University, faculty of Architecture

and Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment S.A.E.

With the participation of:
Nancy Naseraldeen (AUC)
Nourhan Abdel Rahman (Cairo University)
Shaimaa Ashour (Architect)
Dina Alaa (Tarek Waly office)
Nabil Elhady (Cairo University)

and Barbara Pampe (Montag Stiftung / baladilab)

Organised by: Vittoria Capresi (VUT / baladilab), Marina Döring (Vienna University of Technology)