DesignBuild Studio in Cairo as pilot project of the Erasmus Mundus Program

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DESIGNBUILD STUDIO CAIRO at the Architecture and Urban Design Program of the German University in Cairo – GUC is the pilot project of the EDBKN – European Designbuild Knowledge Network, a project funded by the European Union which runs under the Erasmus Mundus Programme.
The aim of a designbuild studio as an innovative teaching format is to take students through the realities of a design process, client relations, and construction management. Students will produce an architectural solution for a community in need, while experiencing the complex realm of architectural practice. In three months Egyptian and international students jointly designed a small-scale architectural project with the participation of the local community and a local NGO. For the following two months the students were involved in the implementation of the project.
The project took place under the supervision of the GUC / baladilab team, local and international architects and professors.

Dahab island is a green lung in the center of Cairo. The Nile island is home of an estimated number of 20,000 inhabitants. With the aim to provide services for the community, with a special focus on activities for youth and children, we planned a multifunctional open air platform connected with a football field, which could host activities related to sports and more in general community events and gatherings (with an open classroom, a playground, and a sitting area).
The aim is to turn the underutilized space under the massive concrete bridge into a central area for the community. The massive bridge structure provides the needed shade and a protective high roof.
The project serves as a pilot for the revitalization of unused space underneath the numerous bridges of Cairo and as an alternative to build on the scarce agricultural land of Dahab.

The project was made possible by
TU Berlin, CoCoon sector for contextual construction: Ursula Hartig, Nina Pawlicki, and Simon Colwill
baladilab: Barbara Pampe, and Vittoria Capresi
The German University in Cairo – GUC: Cornelia Redeker (founder of the Nile Island Initiative), Carla Schwarz (baladilab), Leonie Weber (baladilab), and Ibrahim Samy
Archintorno Architects, Naples: Alessandr Baasile, Roberta Nicchia, and Giuliana Sandu
Victor Maschke, carpenter on educational journey (in German: Walz)
and all the students who hardly worked to realise the project: Fatma Mohamed El sayed, Ahmed Ashraf Anwar, Mohamed Morsy, Yasmin Khaled, Mohamed Tayseer, Mohamed Mardini, Hana Hossam Gamal El Din Sadik, Peter Blodau, Andre Korfe, Ralph Loesch, Habiba Sayed, Abdel Kader, Mohamed Osman, Ingy Mohamed, Salah El Din, Attia Abd El‐ Hamed, Lama Tarek, Mohamed Emam Abd El Rahman Magui Michel Fayez Beshay Omar Mohamed Adam Elnawawy, Theodora Ramzy, Hanna Morkous, Mirna Nagy Sobhy Girguis, Alaa Gamal Abd Rabo Hassan Dalia Gamal Kassem Tawfik, Dorreya Tawfik Adel Elshal Farah Mohamed Abd El Fatah Abd El Latif Marwan Magdy Said Soliman Ahmed Ibrahem Mostafa Hammad Ramy Hesham Abdel Hamid El Magdoub Norhan Ayman Ahmed Fouad Ahmed Yomna Hossam Hafez El‐Dairy Jasmin Enan Iman Charara Loay Naeem Saad El Din Mohamed Nader Ayman Mahmoud Sedky Mohamed Marwa Sayed Hassan Sayed Ali Henar Hesham Sayed Ahmed El Khshen

Thanks to our extraordinary Supporters: Anne-Laure Gestering, Christoph Muth, and Nancy Nasser al Deen Karim

The project was in cooperation with
Alashanek Ya Balady Association For Sustainable Development – AYB
General Authority For Roads, Bridges & Land Transport – GARBLT

We thank our sponsors
the Embassy of the Federal Republic of German in Cairo
Sipes Paint
the Egyptian Drilling Company – EDC
Hilti Festool
Mitras Computer

More infos Beta Version of the Design Build Studio. Check it and give your feedback!


3 -Day workshop with Archintorno (Italy) on Geziret el Dahab underneath the ring-road bridge.
Tasks: fieldresearch and development of a functional program, environmental analysis


Design teams translated the functional outcomes of the research into a spatial program and project. The center will be the new football club – Maalaab el Kobri –


With Urs Walter (GUC) and Nils Ruf (Berlin) on the building side. Building the first seating elements and testing wooden wall structures


Presenting the diverse concepts and designs to the local community of Geziret el Dahab


Final presentation of the design studio + decision of the project to be implemented. Guest-critic with Barbara Pampe (baladilab) and Simon Colwill (cocoon tu berlin)


10th of january untill the 22th of february. With our joker Victor Maschke (carpenter on educational journey, Walz) on board.
PHASE ONE, Day 1 – Day 7

PHASE TWO, Day 8 – Day 14

PHASE THREE, Day 15 – Day 22


11034430_895607387157628_4433362316646037487_oPHASE FOUR, completion of the Malaab el Cobri

First activitys on the Plattform!
ALA ABOUH على آبوه
Malaab el-Kobri hosted the first edition of ALA ABOUH! on the Plattform!

“‘Ala Abouh’ ” is an in situ urban exhibition made by a group of multidisciplinary performers whom collaborated and experimented to produce spontaneous works in ‘Ala Abouh’ spaces.


Facebook page: Designbuild Studio Cairo
The call for students at the beginning of the project.140408_Plakat University_Seite_1