baladilab at TU Berlin_Refugees in the City: Kitchen Hub_6.5.2015

baladilab will talk about the Learn-Move-Play-Ground in Cairo. See you there!

The research- and teaching format ‚Refugees in the City‘ deals with the ongoing debate on accommodating refugees and asylum seekers worldwide. In particular we are seeking to understand and determine the role of planning disciplines in the process. The accompanying lecture series aims to initiate a discussion about a possible collaboration between higher education, research, refugee initiatives and civil society. 

Case studies and best practice examples of studio work at schools of higher education and practice will be presented and discussed. Afterwards the speakers and the audience will prepare a small meal together on a long table in order to deeper discuss the related topics.The event will take place in the framework of the 2nd Cluster Meeting of the Urban Lab+.

RitC 2 Kitchen Hub