LMPG 1-3 in “The Design-Build Studio. Crafting Meaningful Work in Architecture Education”

We are very proud to be part of the book The Design-Build Studio. Crafting Meaningful Work in Architecture Education –  edited by Tolya Stonorov –  with our Learn-Move-Play-Ground-Projects . It will be published by Routledge on the beginning of November.

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The Design-Build Studio examines sixteen international community driven design-build case studies through process and product, with preceding chapters on community involvement, digital and handcraft methodologies and a graphic Time Map. Together these projects serve as a field guide to the current trends in academic design-build studios, a window into the different processes and methodologies being taught and realized today. Design-build supports the idea that building, making and designing are intrinsic to each other: knowledge of one strengthens and informs the expression of the other. Hands-on learning through the act of building what you design translates theories and ideas into real world experience. The work chronicled in this book reveals how this type of applied knowledge grounds us in the physicality of the world in which we live.